A SWARMING OF BEES is a murder/mystery.

Published by Acorn Independent Press

The story opens in the year 664 after the famous Synod of Whitby (Streonshalh) and brings to life the everyday detail of the community perched high on the clifftops. A royal princess in her own right, Hild is a powerful, fair-minded and independent woman. Kings, queens, princes, bishops and commoners all seek her help and wise advice, but when Hild herself needs someone to confide in - it is to Fridgyth, the half-pagan herb-wife, that she turns.

When a devastating plague sweeps the land, Fridgyth begins to suspect that not all the deaths are caused by the devastating sickness. Rather like an Anglo-Saxon Miss Marple, she quietly sets out to investigate – and even when her friend the abbess warns her not to meddle – still curiosity drives her on.

Will Fridgyth herself fall foul of dark, political forces?

This is a new venture for Theresa Tomlinson. In recent years she has become fascinated by the Anglo-Saxon period and this is her first novel aimed at adults.

‘As I grow older, I have felt that I needed at least some of my heroines to grow older too. A SWARMING OF BEES contains some gruesome details of death and sickness, but there is nothing else in the novel which would make it unsuitable reading for a young person. My writing in this novel is similar in style to my books for Young Adults – indeed I think it is the only way that I can write. The difference is simply that the protagonist is a woman of about 60 - and perhaps I have allowed myself to give a little more space and time for what I hope is good, descriptive writing.’

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Paperback RRP - £7.99

Kindle Edition - £3.99

ISBN 190912222X


Fridgyth the herbwife sets off on a second adventure. Abbess Hild's clifftop community must act as host to the unpopular widow of the fierce Mercian king. When a young local tanner is found dead, Fridgyth is determined to discover if there is a possible link between him and the new visitors.

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Paperback RRP - £7.99

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ISBN 978-1-912145-10-2

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